What We Do
Brand & Communications Co-Creation

We do co-creation.

Why ‘co-creation?’ Because we will never know as much about someone’s brand as the people who live and breathe it every day – and the brands we work with won’t know creative marketing and communications quite like UNlshd.

We share ideas early and often. We listen, sketch and create during meetings – and then share our screens and sketchbooks with the folks in the meeting live and fast. Our sweet spot is the creation of the name, purpose, design, communications & marketing plan, your brand story and how to tell it and all of the production of stuff you need to get it all made fast and at a good price. Most important, we do it as a part of our client’s extended team.  We have our chakras and our algorithms attuned to continual success.

It starts as always with a get to know you session. That’s free, and whatever markeeting strategy you might pick up at that time is yours to keep. You’re free to come back, or to head off into a glorious sunset. UNlshd.

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Communications & Marketing

After setting your communications & marketing strategy, we’re able to help you execute it, no matter how big or small.  Media training, speechwriting, reputation building, crisis communications, social media campaigns, good old media relations:  we’re by your side as far as you need us to go.

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The Right Kind of Production

We have been working with some of the best ‘people who make stuff’ in the world for decades, and we count ourselves amongst that group.

UNlshd are creators and producers: while all things digital is our sweet spot, filmed and visual content, print, experiential and pop-up physical spaces, mobile applications for marketing, e-commerce and games and the design of basically anything. We sniff out the right production partners at the right price that deliver at the right time.

In the past, clients have paid for the layers of people and processes to get their ideas made, whether they needed them or not. Modern production still requires expertise and experience, and we work with a handful of high-quality production partners rather than employing layers of specialists in-house. We move quickly, and our model allows the client to see what’s happening at every stage – allowing them to align all of their other business and strategy work accordingly.

UNlshd are building our business on a lean, flexible inclusive model to include minority-owned businesses, talent regardless of age, gender, nationality, race or supposed normative abilities, shared opportunity for profit and learning, and with a “can do” attitude.

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Running Free: How We Do Rapid Brainstorming

UNlshd are advocates for live creative collaboration sessions and have developed our own process called Thinking Free.

The sessions are based around fast idea development with 6-24 people working in groups of 3-4, quickly generating ideas working from a simple one-page brief. The sessions combine creative game-playing, timed work sessions and brutal honestly and wind up with 100+ ideas, which are documented, roughly visualised and priced before the end of the day. UNlshd can assist with the casting of the group, bringing in specialists and wild-card thinkers to get truly out-there-but-grounded thinking every time.

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Catching the right knowledge and data

Our platform is constantly taking in data across several industries and global trends. UNlshd is able to provide insight packages that can influence your future marketing strategies, help inform your colleagues or own clients, and stimulate a future facing culture, nimble and informed, to race ahead of the competition. As a stand alone package, or part of our suite of services, being powered by blockchain and with bespoke and general smart contracts doing the hard yards, we’re able to sniff out the best information ahead of your rivals.