UNLSHD.  New ways and new ideas for a new economy.

We are UNLSHD, the world’s only top-level crypto-only advertising and communications agency. We are marketing industry verified, celebrated and trusted long-termers known as award-winners who are connected up and down the chain to the best in the business. You couldn’t afford to talk to us before, but that’s changed because you can now.

Get in touch at contact@meetunlshd.com

We do Creative – Brand – Communications – Production.  And everything in between.

We use our blockchain based platform and global eco-system of curated talent to lower the bar of entry.  You always get to talk to Tom and/or Glen no matter what.  And you get unimaginable levels of control and useable data.

You might be:

  • a start-up
  • a small business
  • a big brand
  • or just a go-getting individual

We’d like to talk to you.  You’d like to talk to us.  No big network fees in the way now.  Your first hour session is FREE, so get in touch now to book.

how does our platform work?

Our platform operates on blockchain, which automates non-critical costly processes to save money for you.

Very low transaction fees, you know those little 3%ers can really add up!

No surprise charging (or chargebacks!). You’ve paid and you’re not paying again.

Borderless behaviour so no unwanted third parties or nasty exchange rates.

We want people to get used to it now and not later when they have to.

If you used against fiat – some smart timing in exchanging to and back to fiat can result in some tasty savings.


When were those dark ages?  Let’s just say that every day for the last twenty years they have been in decline.  Sure, there’s been a lot of renovation,  but no genuine innovation.


Our blockchain based platform saves time, money, energy and sanity. And it provides: control, value, genuine teamwork, and rich data for future use.

What goes missing:

  • Account managers (passing your job from here to there and charging time for it.)
  • Duplication costs
  • Mass conference calls
  • Chase up calls in every direction
  • Data loss
  • Legal costs
  • Book-keeping costs (and errors)
  • Food and sleep deprivation for the creatives making your beautiful work.
  • Time spent worrying.

We could go on, but maybe you’d just like a demo?  See for yourself HOW we do this.