Welcome. We are Unlshd. Setting marketing free.

What we don’t do, you won’t find here.

We are a global eco-system of talent providing full creative agency services – from digital marketing strategy to AR design, from brand planning to beautiful website builds, from social and content to Corporate Crisis Communications… there’s nothing our team hasn’t handled at the top level, all over the world. What makes us different is that we can partner with any level of client, start-up to major multinational, in the way that works best for them, using our UNlshd platform as a creative agency, our entrepreneurial win-win attitude, and our many years of experience. Creative – Brand – Communications – Production.

Smart contracts for a smart platform. Finally, marketing catches up!

The UNlshd platform is a blockchain-based time, cost, money, energy and sanity saver built on a desktop and mobile app that allows the client to control the evolution of any project. Using our platform eliminates the need for multiple account managers, duplication costs, endless mass conference calls, client-chasing, and data loss.

What is it not?  It’s not a project management system, but it does that.  It’s not an escrow only system, but it reconciles fees hourly to all participants, it’s not a database, but it collects huge amounts of information, it’s not a lawyer, but the blockchain verifies everything in perpetuity.

It’s all these things and more. Contact us now for a demo!